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Innovation and Sunovaa

Innovation and Sunovaa are synonym as Business is to Analytics. Sunovaa is a focused Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics led IT Products, Solutions & Services. We stay abreast of the latest advances in Business Intelligence, Reporting, Dashboards, Data Visualization, and Advanced Analytics & Data Services on multiple platforms that include Cloud, Client-Server & Mobility etc.

Sunovaa is formed with the DNA of a software product company that believes in having deep understanding of its client business, based on the deep understanding present innovative solutions that will lead to mitigation of the business challenge delivering best of the breed solutions using the most appropriate BI, Analytics & Big Data tools & products.

Driven by quest of excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering measureable value to our customers and exceeding their expectations. Our constant endeavor is to understand changing industry challenges and pain points, and deliver solutions that leverage the process knowledge of our employees and associates.

The future beholds new challenges in new technologies areas like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Temporal & Streaming Analytics, Adaptive Analytics, Data Sciences and Knowledge Processing Unit (KPU) for the next leap of faith.


Sunovaa derives it name from amalgamation of two words

  • Sun: representing new hope, spirit, energy and sustenance
  • Nova: meaning brightening of a new star.

Sunovaa represents hope, spirit, energy and sustainer of life brought by new star.

What does Sunovaa identity stands for?

Sunovaa identity is articulated by three elements, the key thought behind the identity lies in the representation is:

  • Rising Sun from the horizon, from the red sky and spreading yellow light
  • Sunovaa written in White
  • Understand, Innovate, Deliver in Black
Three elements of Sunovaa stand for,
Rising Sun from horizon
  • Youthful
  • Vibrant
  • Energetic
  • Innovative
  • Focused
Understand, Innovate, Deliver
  • Visionary
  • Meticulous
  • Intellectual
  • Mature
  • Committed to Innovation
How is Sunovaa rising Sun is perceived as?

Sunovaa, in White stands for caring, high on values, innovation, technology, versatility, diverse...perceived by most of the people whom we interacted before finalizing on our corporate identity. Being an young organization the exuberance of youthful employees, partners and associates makes it a vibrant organization.

  • Expert
  • Innovation
  • Precision
  • Versatile
  • Variety
  • Expression
  • Individuality
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Aspiration, First light of the Day
  • Ahead of times
  • Flexible
  • Energetic
  • Flexible in approach
  • Humane
  • Inquisitive
  • Youthful
  • Positivity
  • Passionate
  • Cheerful
  • Vivacious
  • Cheerful
  • Filled with life

This is what the customers perceive "Delivering Business Outcomes" to communicate

Our singular focus is on delivering tangible business outcomes for customer success using innovative technology and processes to deliver best of the breed services and solutions to our customers

  • Continuously creating
  • From Theory to practice and reality
  • Ideation
  • Qualified Employees
  • Providing customers what they need, when they need
  • Receptive, open, learning & thinking
  • Integrity
  • Dynamic
  • Commitment to Research & Development
  • Adaptive
  • Creative
  • Thoughtful
  • Fresh Ideas
  • Create credibility
  • Makes customer feel special
  • Works hard for me
  • A reliable and dependable partner
Why Colors?
  • Colors communicates better
  • Identity representation cuts across languages, cultures and barriers

Significance of Colors in Sunovaa identity,

Red : Blood, Life giving, Dynamic, Auspicious
Yellow : Sun, Warmth, Vitality, Aspirations

Sunovaa: Deliver Business Outcomes

Sunovaa is a new generation Software Services, Solutions & Product Company on leading Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics technologies and platform providing incisive edge decision-making in milliseconds in big data analytics. Business decisions on the go through mobility solutions, connected at work with colleagues in remotest corner of the world but never far from each other via cloud application. Staying connected on social platforms keeping engaged the world of your customers like never before.

We are driven by future that will bring in the streaming data analytics that will measure temporal time shifts patterns giving us insight that will make our dream to conquer the final frontier for Human race - The Space & Time.

Our people raise the bar to provide you the cutting edge technology experience that is unmatched and straight out of the future imagined. May, it is our Product Managers, Data Architects, Scientists, Sales, Delivery, Technology or Operations. The endeavor remains focused on ensuring the success of our employees, customers, partners and associates.

2009:Initial thought of Founder's to address the pressing need of the Industry, "Value from Data".

2010:Sunovaa was registered on 10th February 2010 with US$ 2000. Sunovaa started its operations from a shared office of 200 square feet, The first year the company focused was build upon delivering real value from data through onsite project of BI, Analytics & Sales Force CRM for a leading Media & Publishing Software company.

2011:The second year of inception was focused on building & consolidating the value for the exiting customer base. The success was consolidated and the first milestone of US$ 1 Million was achieved.

2012: The third year began with change written over, it was the year when Sunovaa bagged 3 new accounts and first fixed bid project was delivered successfully to Banking Product Software company. Sunovaa got its first full service office.

2013: Sunovaa moved to the IT Hub of Bangalore Whitefield into a spanking new office. This year saw a major change and saw the exit of major client but and also major customer came onboard Sunovaa.

2014: It is a story of Sunovaa entering a new business line Power generation & Power Automation, the dedicated team of Sunovaa built the onsite & offshore team to support the client Sunovaa team delivered their first project in Indonesia.

2015: Beginning marks a complete change, from India centric Sunovaa has moved into entering new markets in S-E Asia, M-E Asia, ANZ & European markets. This also marks the beginning of Sunovaa International journey.

2016:The New Year brings in a lot on the plate with the increased responsibility of client putting in trust on Sunovaa. The focus is re-emphasized "Delivering Business Outcomes".

Sunovaa: Know through Media & Analyst Lenses

Welcome to the Sunovaa Media. Get to know more about Sunovaa and our activities by exploring our media gallery. As the most innovative Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics led IT Products, Solutions & Services Company, our presence is transformed into success stories, new developmental growth, and recognition for our thought leadership in specific environment. So, go ahead and explore what Sunovaa is all about

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Sunovaa, Employees & Promoters co-ownership for focused growth

Sunovaa is a privately held company that is focused on being a Leader in Sunovaa is a focused Business Intelligence & Advanced Analytics led IT Products, Solutions & Services. We stay abreast of the latest advances in Business Intelligence, Reporting, Dashboards, Data Visualization, and Advanced Analytics & Data Services on multiple platforms that include Cloud, Client-Server, Mobility and Artificial Intelligence etc.

We believe that Employees comes first in making a company grow, that is why our each employee holds shares in the company and be an equal partner in growth of Sunovaa.

In future, we intend to fuel our organic growth through strategic acquisitions of products, solutions and Services Company and raise funds through strategic funding.

For more information write to us at:

Sunovaa Tech Pvt. Ltd.
4th Floor Akshay Tech Park
72 & 73 EPIP Zone
Bangalore 560066
  +91 80 6715 0600